colorado boudoir photography

are you ready to do something all for yourself?

girl, it’s time to be a little selfish!! imagine a day full of makeup + hair, outfit planning, and time with jules in the studio all while feeling and looking like an absolute smoke show! the studio is located in fort collins, in northern colorado, and the perfect setting for you to get in front of the camera and have a personal hype up day!

from the ladies:

love notes

leading up to my session, she was attentive, helpful and always ready to give advice. looking through all of the photos, it’s impossible to choose a favorite. every single photo was perfection. she is such a delightful and amazing presence, making you feel comfortable and as though everything is under control. i could write a novel about how grateful i am for jules, but her photos and work speak for themselves.

- markie -


how do you send me my photos?

you will always receive your entire gallery within three weeks, but you will usually receive a sneak peek within days!! all your images will be available in an accessible and secure online gallery with a passcode! i use an amazing online gallery where you can access your images from just about anywhere with wifi. the gallery gives you full access to it all, downloading, sharing, and even ordering gorgeous prints straight to your door can happen with just a few clicks in your personal gallery!

do i need to know how to pose?

i can't say i have ever had someone in front of my camera (even professional models!) who know exactly how to pose for every shot!! everyone in my studio is not used to being in front of the camera, definitely not while half naked too!! so i will take care of all the hard work! i want you to enjoy every moment, so i will help you know exactly how to point your toes and make sure every hair lays perfectly! i will help with every step - i gotchu girl!

do you share my photos online + on social media?

every person in every image on my website + social media have given full approval to share their images!! before your session you will receive a questionnaire and answer questions about exactly how you are comfortable with your images being shared! if that's not at all, i will always respect your choices!! your session is all for YOU, so you have full control of how your images are shared!

can I bring a friend?

um yas!!! your shoot starts with full hair + makeup which can take up to an hour and a half, where we chat and hang out, then about an hour to an hour and a half of shooting!! if they want to hang out with us through it all, you are so welcome to bring friends along! i just ask that they join us the whole time, so we aren't worried about letting them in and out of the studio! the studio room isn't massive either, so they should be comfortable sneaking around the room with me to make sure they aren't in shots! we jam music and have a blast, and if a friend being there makes you feel better, bring em!