from my couples:

love notes

"to say the least we were both very nervous about being in front of a camera but Jules was very helpful making us relax, laugh and enjoy the few hours we had with her. Jules has such an amazing personality, spirit and love for what she does and I can easily walk away knowing we had received a service that will forever be close to our hearts and a product we can cherish forever."

bre + brandon

"captured the big moments perfectly, but more importantly, caught the small, sweet moments between Austin and I in the midst of the craziness of the day that are often missed in the chaos."

marissa + austin

"she went above and beyond during our wedding day. we felt comfortable and as relaxed as you can be on the day of your wedding!"

mariah + lance

"even though we hadn't interacted through more than email ahead of time, while she was taking our pictures we felt like we had known her forever. she made us feel so comfortable and at ease."

lauren + alex

i'm not just a vendor and you're not just my client.

we're gonna become best friends, it might sound extra cheesy, but i truly get really invested in my couples because i really do care so much and want to be more than just a photographer to you, so get ready to become best pals!


i want choosing your wedding photographer to be more than something on your checklist of things to do for your wedding. you might not realize it now while you’re so focused on every centerpiece and who’s sitting at which table and bridesmaid dresses and florals, but photography is really the only thing that lasts past your wedding day. the number one thing i hear from couples who went cheap on photography for their wedding say they regret it. it’s something that will only increase in value over time as the images get passed down for generations.


you probably haven’t been a bride or groom before so you’re figuring all of this stuff out as you go. since i have been to tons of weddings, i have a lot of know how when it comes to these big days. the to do’s, not to do’s, how to save $$$, get the most out of your day, create memories with your friends and family, plan, prepare, and all the info on how to get ready for your wedding that I am so happy to share with you. Iim happy to help in any big or little ways that i can to make sure this is a stress-free experience for you!


you know how i keep stressing how important connection between us is to me? it’s because it’s how i make my best work for couples i consider friends. my main focus above all else is that my couples are having a good time. most my couples show up uneasy saying “sorry, we’re awkward and hate getting our photo taken” and by the end they’re going on about how easy and fun it was! trust me, getting photos taken doesn’t have to suck or be awkward in any way, and I will make sure you have a heck of a good time!