3 reasons to book your wedding photographer early

October 20, 2020

wedding planning can be both the most exciting time in your life and the most stressful. crazy right?!? as you sit down to begin the process, i’m here to give you a huge tip: choose your photographer EARLY!

i’m not saying you need to rush off and book the first photographer you find (actually please don’t ha!)––but i am saying there are a few reasons why you need to book your wedding photographer early.

keep reading to see why!

photographers book fast

sure, a wedding a year from now seems pretty far off, but not to a wedding photographer who mostly works on weekends! what seems like 52 weeks away to you is much shorter to us.

if you find your must-have photographer, will they be available on your perfect wedding weekend? when you book in advance, you’re more likely to be able to move your date if needed, to snag the photographer of your dreams!

your photographer will be a big part of the details

as you start mapping out the time frame of your day, don’t forget to reach out to your photographer. it is sooo important that they block out the time of day your wedding will take place, so you can have the best images possible.

as a professional, I know exactly how long it will take to get all the photos you want. if you aren’t sure if you have enough time, call your photographer! they are skilled in helping plan the timeline for your big day (and can even give pointers on when certain events take place, like your reception).

you probably want an engagement session

while not eevvveryone does an engagement session, most couples do. and frankly, it’s a great way for your photographer to get to know you and for you to feel comfortable with them!

when you book your photographer far enough in advance, it allows everyone to plan this fun pre-wedding photoshoot and for couples to get a taste of the photographer before the big day!

so when you’re sitting down to do wedding planning and trying to figure out where to start, make hiring your photographer one of your top priorities!

i hope these tips have been helpful. still need a wedding photographer? check me out at Sincerely Jules Studio.

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