the best “getting ready” tips for your wedding day

September 4, 2020

when it comes to wedding photography, most couples want their share of “getting ready” photos. this time is special as the bride and groom spend their last few hours apart, getting gussied up for the big day. if you’re looking for ways to make these moments a part of your wedding photos, keep reading to find out all of my getting ready tips!

get ready at the same location

consider coordinating the guys and gals in your bridal party to get ready at the same location. don’t worry about running into each other, your photographer will make sure you don’t see each other before you plan to! 

when the entire group is preparing in the same spot, it means your photographer doesn’t have to cut photos short so they can rush off to the second location––which means MORE pictures! YAY!

if you choose to get ready at separate locations, make sure to think about where final touches will happen (i.e. makeup touchups, etc.) and what locations will look best for those particular images.

get ready in a large space

if you have any say at all as to where you can get ready, try to get a large room! there are going to be quite a lot of people getting ready next to you, so the more space the better. plus, your photographer is going to love all the room to get the best shots possible.

having more room also means less clutter and mess when it comes to taking those gorgeous pics. stash the duffel bags and trash out of view so they don’t take away from the photo ops!

consider lighting

your photographer is the expert on lighting, so it could be helpful to show them the space before the big day. that way, they can bring lighting or other accessories to make it the best it can be.

make sure you communicate the style you are going for. if you prefer light and airy, you’re going to want a room with plenty of windows and lots of natural light. your photographer can help you get the exact look you’re going for with just a little communication!

leave extra time for your “getting ready” photos

there’s getting ready and then there’s getting ready photos. and they’re not the same!

make sure when you’re crafting your wedding day schedule that you allow extra for these precious photos. the best piece of advice i can offer is to talk with your photographer about how much time they need.

many like to get there a few hours early to photograph wedding details, like bouquets, shoes, and rings. then it’s on to hair and makeup photos, the bridal party in robes, and then finally the dress.

put your dress on last

the dress is often the showpiece of your getting ready photos, so why rush it? putting your dress on last not only means you will avoid stains from makeup or sweat, but it also means you can make the whole process a photo event. images of your mom or bridesmaids helping you get dressed are some of the most heartfelt of the day

you also want to make sure your dress goes on last––like AFTER all the bridesmaids have theirs on. that way, your moments of getting buttoned up are alongside your bridesmaids in their stunning dresses.

i hope these getting ready tips have you excited for your own big day! if you’re looking for more content on wedding photography, check me out over at sincerely jules studio.

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