i heard you wanted to read some love stories

every story is special, and i'm here to tell them

there are so many reasons why i sit down and type out the details of wedding day or engagement session. it starts with being so overwhelmed with joy for my couples and ends with knowing that their story is so special and unlike any other that it needs to be shared. i live for the first few moments i spend with my couples while they tell me how they met, where their favorite coffee shops are, how they got engaged, all the wedding day plans. i get giddy hearing all the details and honestly i hope you do too, because these ones, they’re pretty great.

jules here.

hi i'm back, just wanted to drop in again to tell you how much i looove my couples. i swear im a great third wheel! i just wanted to remind you how amazing every love story is. maybe yours is full of stories from when you met in college and would take midnight drives to taco bell, maybe it's stories of going home to each others parents houses for the holidays, maybe it's just full of stories about your dogs (#same) whatever it may be, i'll be right here to capture it.