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May 13, 2020

do you have a strong social media presence?


a part of running a business happens to include a strong social media presence. there are plenty of options for social media platforms to use, but instagram seems to be made for photographers, which is why i love it soooo much!


instagram is like an amazing portfolio for a photography business. prospective clients can scroll through your work and get an idea of your style and overall look. you can even highlight parts of your personality so that potential clients can get an idea of what it would be like to work with you!  then, they can easily message you to chat about booking a consultation! (here’s a secret…i often get more inquiries on instagram than i do from my own website!!!) 


though instagram is an amazing tool for your business, sometimes it’s hard to feel motivated to post consistently on the gram and to not compare yourself to other photographers. you see their number of followers, beautiful pictures, and amazing captions and feel like you must be doing something wrong…


in this post, i want to help you change your mindset on a few things that may be holding you back from using instagram to its fullest potential. i want to help you step-up your instagram game, and it starts with your mindset.

inspiration over comparison

the next time you see someone’s work and feel worse about your own, stop and shift your perspective. tell yourself that you can appreciate their art, and then let it inspire your own! what can you learn from their photos? what makes you love their photos? instead of falling into a comparison trap, let other photographers inspire you. instagram is great for learning about new poses, lighting, and editing techniques! it’s a treasure trove for inspiration. so let other instagram posts get your creative juices flowin’ instead of draining your creative energy. 

relationships over “followers”

the total number of followers you have can seem like a big deal. but I want to take the pressure off of you for a sec. I know many six-figure entrepreneurs who have 5,000 followers or LESS on their instagram. yep! crazy right? you know how they do it? well…they serve the number of followers they have really well and attract the RIGHT people from their niche. they build relationships and convert visitors to clients because of one thing… relationship.

i, too, have met so many amazing clients and other photographers through the app, and that has been far more valuable than the number of followers i have on any given day. be sure to serve the hundreds of followers the same way you would serve the thousands! 

worth over likes

i used to get sucked into a trap where i determined my worth on instagram based on how many “likes” a picture would get. oh how i was setting myself up for failure. *face palm* you see… my worth is not determined by what others think of me. i now post what i love, and the number of likes i get doesn’t change the fact that i am proud of my work. I keep showing up consistently for my people, and when i start to get concerned about “likes,” i shift my mindset and remind myself that my worth as a photographer is incredibly abundant!


so tell me… do you often let comparison, number of followers, and number of likes take over? it’s time to remember what’s really important for stepping up your instagram game! change that mindset of yours, girl. you deserve to feel amazing promoting your business on the gram!

i hope these tips have helped you when it comes to your mindset. once you make these shifts, it’s time for you to tackle your instagram captions, and i have the perfect tips for you. Head over to my post: the best instagram caption tips for wedding photographers AND download my FREE instagram templates here

you don’t want to miss this… your instagram will thank you!

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