the engagement session

style guide

of course we started their engagement session at the penny arcade in manitou springs, colorado - of course. devyn + coleton are the giggliest silliest couple I have ever forced to hug for two hours so we needed the perfect spot to reflect that... arcades. duh.

i am SO excited for your engagement session!

the number one thing i hear from couples the second we start talking about engagement sessions is that you 1: are never in front of the camera together and totally have no clue what you are doing (p.s. i have learned that's code for "we're so adorable and don't even know it") so i promise you will do wayyyy better than you expect!! (reminder, i will prompt you and tell you what to do to look totally natural! i don't expect you to know what to do the second a big ol' camera is in your face so i have all the tips and tricks to help you be totally prepared and have your session be totally flawless!!) and 2: have no idea what to wear. like where the heck do you even begin?

through the many sessions i have photographed, i have learned alllll the keys to having everything to look smokin' hot and be all over each other while feeling so totally confident and comfortable! i want to focus on you and your love and relationship, not what you are wearing. so helping you find the outfits you feel so good in will help us not worry about the clothes and focus on what were all here for - LOVE, DUH.

i want you to look like well, YOU. these guidelines are just that, guidelines. some tips and helpful things to guide you along in choosing what works best for you, i don't want you to feel like you have to follow any rules or not be yourself. if you show up wearing sweats and t-shirts, but you feel great, you will look great. that's what really matters, FEELING comfortable. i love photographing people who look like themselves. if you don't ever wear formal dresses and hate getting fancy - theres no need to dress up for your photos. wearing your favorite jeans and tees are totally you and that's who i want to focus on, bring along the items you usually grab and wear often, but make sure they are clean (even steamed so there aren't folds or wrinkles, unless that's your look!)

of course, it's important to make sure you both look great together as well! hopefully these tips help you take what you have already and what you love wearing and put it all together to get you lookin' awesome!

a few guidelines:

from the beginning i want to let you know that bringing along options is always your best bet. if you ever want to text me questions or photos i am so happy to help, and bringing along several pieces to your shoot for us to look over and make choices once were in the location and see the light will be the best way to make the best choices! so, don't be afraid to show up with items hanging in your backseat - i have had my fair share of car shopping moments! 3-5 tops and 3-5 bottoms is perfect for us to choose from! make sure to snag your favorite jackets and coats to add another layer to an outfit (boom two looks!) and dresses, accessories, and shoes! also, most sessions i bring along a pop-up changing booth for you guys to change outfits comfortably - but be ready to change in the car if needed! some (most) locations don't have bathrooms (or clean ones...) or private areas so make sure to plan for anything you are wearing under your outfits as well, don't forget that strapless bra if needed!!

let's start with the basics...

first off, plan for the weather and location. i swear you won't regret it! i have seen too many heels in snow... sandals on rough rocks... if we have a season or date chosen for your session already, start there and think about what you will be comfortable in for the temperature and location. if we're shooting up at rocky mountain in december, i'll be wearing snow boots and i hope you will be too! wear cute jackets and coats that keep you warm if it's cold, and light tops when it's mid-summer and we're sweatin'! definitely wear shoes that fit, are comfy, and work for the environment! i love a good dressed up fit in a natural location - but if you can't make it out there in the heels then boots with a cute dress is actually SO CUTE! if you aren't feeling comfortable, you won't look comfortable!

engagement photos at memorial park omaha, nebraska


being comfortable in your outfits is KEY. if you aren't comfy, you won't look comfy! there is no need to go out and buy a whole new wardrobe for your session, but if that new outfit has been calling your name and this is a good excuse for it? go for it! but, items you already love are usually the best bet because you know you love how you look and feel in every item! so, grab your favorite jeans and a fresh top, i promise you'll look amazing! with being comfy comes tight and annoying items. stick to flowy, freeform items, unlike body-con dresses and super-tight-difficult-to-even-walk-in outfits. movement in your outfits keep you comfy as well as brings movement into your photos! shorts that you have to pull down every two seconds or a dress with straps that wont stay up, you'll be annoyed by that the whole time so skip 'em!

sydney and wills spring engagement session in old town fort collins colorado


let's chat about color. this can always seem to be tricky but it doesn't have to be!! i always recommend bringing extra pieces so i can help you color match to our location and lighting situations. but the biggest tip is to stick to simple colors and patterns, they don't take away from the smiles and laughter and snuggles between you two like heavy patterns would! if you have one brighter or patterned piece you love, use simple neutrals to go along and keep all the other pieces calm so the pattern stands out and doesn't get lost!

if you are opting for a natural location, match your neutrals to the natural colors! soft greens always go well with any grassy areas, if we're doing sunset in a field go for warmer deeper tones for a monochromatic palette.