how to create awesome client gifts (and keep it all organized!)

February 22, 2020

creating gifts as a wedding photographer can be tough. where do you start? what do you send? how do you know when and what you sent and did you mail it or hand it over at the engagement session or maybe your client opted for your biggest collection and you wanna spoil them extra, but you don’t remember what you’ve spend or sent… it’s gotta get organized!

you can find the super detailed and helpful client gifting spreadsheet to keep you super organized and help you plan some awesome client experience here!

i used to throw random items from the dollar aisle at target into a shipping bag and write on a piece of paper “thanks for booking me for your wedding!”, dropped it in the mail and forgot a few weeks later if i ever even sent it… and i knew i needed to fix it. i wanted my clients to feel totally spoiled, but i was unorganized and had no idea what to send them to tell them i was SO excited they chose ME (out of literally hundreds of other options) to shoot their wedding. i started writing a list of my clients, wrote down exactly when i wanted to send a gift, added in what i included, started buying in bulk and make a detailed spreadsheet that was easy to update and check, i batched all the work and now spoiling my clients is easily my favorite (and simplest) part of my business!

i created this client gift template to help you go from that frustrating starting point to competency in just a few days instead of a few years like i did! it’s my great privilege to share this knowledge i wish i had when i was just starting out! just click here to grab it and it’s all yours!

you can also watch my video on how i create and prep all my client gifts for some ideas on what you could be giving!

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