how to get your proposal photographed perfectly (+get your photographer’s help in planning!)

November 18, 2020

wedding proposal on mountain side

let’s be honest, there are tons of blogs and articles out there with everything you need to do before getting engaged. but there are very few that tell you about how to make sure the big moment gets photographed perfectly!!

proposals are very special, and everyone has a different idea of how they would like it to go: some want it photographed with all your friends and family watching close by, and others want it totally private and intimate. there’s no wrong way!

if you and your partner want this exciting memory photographed, having a photographer to help plan and make sure it goes flawlessly is so helpful!! here are my tips on how to plan your proposal so it’s just as perfect in your photos as it is in your memories!

use a SMALL ring box

your girl is smart, so don’t be trying to lug around the ring in a box the size of jupiter. grab a small box or something different to keep the proposal a secret and so she won’t suspect anything. just make sure you hold on tight! be thoughtful of your location for popping the question! docks, beachside, mountaintop – all perfect spots to drop and lose a ring, so keep that ring in an inconspicuous box and pull it out somewhere extra safe!

start to get spontaneous

if your proposal is a big surprise, try doing a few spontaneous and fun things similar to how you plan to propose so she doesn’t expect something when you randomly ask her to get dressed up for a fancy night out! randomly head out for a hike or take a scenic drive in the weeks leading up to the proposal, that way, when you finally do plan your big day, it won’t seem out of the ordinary.

pick a special spot

choose a location that’s special to you both or exciting for you to go to together, like a new hike you’ve been excited to do.

or talk to your photographer about location options and ideas before making everything official. your photographer has probably done this before and may have ideas on where to go or how to make it all go smoothly! spend time connecting with your photographer so he/she can help AND get you the best images. i love helping my couples find the perfect spot!! i can also help with timing for lighting and location so your photo turn out gorgeous as well!!

involve your photographer

as i mentioned above, having a photographer tag along on a hike may seem random to your unsuspecting partner, so think about incorporating them as a part of it all. tell your partner you got them a surprise photoshoot or that the photographer asked you to model!! it’s a great way to make sure you both are wearing something you like and are ready to be in front of the camera. plus, the photographer can get you in the exact location for the moment versus hoping to connect and be there when it’s ready!

communicate communicate, communicate

if you aren’t going to include your photographer, have a very clear and set location planned so they don’t miss it! communicate with your photographer on what you will be wearing and tell them any and all details so they are prepared!

i usually have a marker in the location or a clear spot set for them to pop the question. that way, i can get the best lighting and views possible for photographing your proposal.

tell family + friends

if your friends and family can stay quiet, tell them about the proposal! whether you want it a surprise or not, think about everyone who will and wont know!! family is important to share it with if you want them in the loop and will only make your day that much more special. it’s so fun to have family and friends together and ready to celebrate right after your proposal too!! fly in the family you are excited to celebrate with, host a surprise engagement party and get the party started!! the most important thing, enjoy being engaged!!! it’s such a fun and exciting season, and flies by fast!!

i hope these tips have been helpful. still need a proposal and wedding photographer? check me out at sincerely jules studio.

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