here’s why you need a wedding reception schedule

September 18, 2020

planning your wedding ceremony is so exciting, but your reception? that’s where the fun REALLY starts!!! before you get too far in adding all the traditions and music, let me stop you and tell you why you need a reception schedule for your wedding.

they ensure guests don’t miss out

let’s be honest, receptions can be loooooong. that’s why i suggest to schedule all of the big events of your reception within the first hour or so. that includes the bouquet/garter toss, cake cutting, first dances, toasts, etc. 

a good portion of wedding guests tend to leave a little bit after the meal, so having the main events while guests are still around looks best for photos, and of course allows you to share those events with those who might have to leave early! 

your photographer will get the best photos

having a wedding reception schedule also ensures that your photographer gets all the festivities in your photos. when you have the times specifically planned to do traditions such as cake cutting, you don’t have to wait to proceed until your photographer is front and center––they’ll know right where they need to be!

additionally, those photos of you and the bouquet toss? there will still be plenty of guests there because you planned it at the beginning of your reception.

finally, having a schedule helps your photographer have the best lighting and time for great photos of all those special moments.

and if your timeline has everyone there longer, this allows for perfect coverage of the dance floor! 

it takes the pressure off the couple

by the time your wedding day comes, it should be a breeze from all your prep work. a wedding reception schedule takes all that hard work and hands it over to someone else so they can manage it, while you enjoy the big day.

whether it’s your wedding planner or maid of honor, go over the schedule in minute detail a few weeks before your wedding. that way, you’ll have plenty of time to make all the tweeks you need.

it keeps all your vendors in check

no bride wants to be bombarded with last minute questions or issues with a vendor on her wedding day! by creating a wedding reception schedule, you can easily distribute to all your vendors to make sure they know when specific items are taking place, and can plan accordingly.

you can even go so far as to document when each vendor should arrive––it’s your peace of mind, right?

don’t rely on everyone else to make sure the DJ is set up in the right place, or the cake is brought in on time. let your wedding reception schedule do the talking!

i hope these schedule tips have you excited for your own big day! if you’re looking for more content on wedding photography, check me out over at Sincerely Jules Studio.

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