5 things to tell your photographer before your wedding

November 3, 2020

experienced wedding photographers know a thing or two about navigating the events surrounding a wedding. but no matter how many weddings they’ve shot, they’ve probably never done yours before (probably)!

with that in mind, there are a number of things you should tell your photographer so they can give you the best images possible of your wedding. here’s where to start.

be specific about detail shots

do you want to make sure the engraving on the inside of your wedding rings makes the cut? or maybe you don’t want to miss the special piece of your mom’s gown that is sewn into the bottom of your dress?

photographers are great at getting images of flowers and shoes, but we realize there are tiny details that mean even more to you and we absolutely don’t want to miss those!

just let us know and we’ll be sure to snag the pics of the groomsman’s matching socks and all the other fun details that make the day special to you.

give them a timeline

while i offer timeline planning to all my couples, many photographers don’t and just go off of the timeline from the planner, venue, djs, or you! i communicate with my clients in the weeks leading up to the big day with questionnaires to get every detail to make sure we can have time for every image they have been dreaming of – so if you want those moments captured they have to happen!! hopefully you’ve been communicating with your photographer during the entire planning process, but it’s super important to give them the order of your day as it approaches so they can help you with the timeline! if you have conversations with other vendors about details, share those with your photographer! it only helps us make sure you get everything in!

when your photographer knows the timeline, they can better plan to arrive early, snag all the getting ready shots and be sure to capture the big moments because they’ll know ahead of time and be ON IT!

have a list of group shots

everyone’s family is unique, and couples prefer different group shots from wedding to wedding. since your photographer doesn’t know everyone, it’s helpful to provide a list of which dynamics you want captured.

i spend the time during our timeline planning meeting to ask about every family member and which photos you want with them (this allows me to know the dynamics and create a shot list in order of the most speedy shots!)

on the same note, if you have any family members who you don’t want involved, it’s also helpful to give your photographer the heads up (don’t want any awkward pics!) i always ask about any special situations to know ahead of time, so make sure to be honest with your photographer so they don’t ask those awk questions!

share the surprises

who doesn’t love a good surprise? while guests may be in awe of an unplanned event, if you want it photographed––tell your photographer!

if you are planning on something exciting like a special dance-off, long-lost relative or even fireworks, just loop in your photographer so they can capture the magic. we LOVE to know these things ahead of schedule, because the worst thing would be for us to not capture it because we had no idea it was happening and we’re in the wrong room!! be sure to keep up in the loop!

cover the dress code

while most of us photographers would never show up to your big day in sweatpants and slippers, but it’s still helpful to get deets on how dressy your event is.

if you want us in all black to blend in, no problem! want us decked out in a gown? we can do that too––just let us know your preferences (if there are any). i opt for fun outfits in usually black to be an obvious vendor at work – but if your day has a specific theme or something you want it to exude, i’m down! while i’m not usually in photos, it helps and i totally get having the right vibe!!!

i hope these tips have been helpful. still need a wedding photographer? check me out at Sincerely Jules Studio.

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