5 tips for choosing your engagement photoshoot location

December 1, 2020

you’re engaged––congrats! now begins the fun.

first up, engagement photos! these images are important to kick-off your wedding season, create special memories, and to share your announcement.

stuck on how to pick the perfect engagement photo location? keep reading to see a few tips on choosing your engagement photoshoot location.

1. pick a meaningful place

whether it’s where he proposed, where you first met, or your hometown, a special place is always a good backdrop for your photos.

a familiar location can help relax you as a couple and undoubtedly will bring a smile to your face.

does your engagement shoot have to be at a meaningful place? of course not! but it’s always a good option and a great memory!

2. consider the season

sure, that gorgeous field of sunflowers would look rockin’ in your photos, but come the fall, it’s just going to be a bunch of dead blooms.

take into consideration how your local landscape changes with the passing seasons as you pick out your engagement session location. you don’t want to be trekking snow-covered mountains in heels (unless that’s the look you’re going for, in which case, wear the boots and then switch out the heels when you get to the top).

it’s also important for picking out your outfits! that cute winter parka may be adorbs, but if it makes you sweat in the warm spring weather, you may need to switch it up.

3. don’t forget about the lighting

here’s where your relationship with your photographer is uber important! lighting can make or break your photos, so its imperative your location and time of day will make for the best photos possible.

chat with your photographer about potential objects like trees and buildings that can be a challenge for getting the best lighting. take a trip out to your ideal spot before shooting your photos to make sure you find the perfect spot and get a feel for the lighting prior to any shooting.

4. get approval

did you know that not every park or public place is free to use for photos? it’s true!

while your photographer is probably very knowledgeable about whether you need a permit to snap photos at your location (many regional parks require one), it’s always a good idea to double-check before the big day.

usually permits are free or inexpensive, and many places just require a verbal approval. so don’t worry about it being stressful…it’s super easy, just don’t forget!

5. keep it simple

the last thing you want for your engagement photos is a rushed day that ends up in sweaty makeup and stress-filled memories. while it can be tempting to try and do multiple locations, simple always works out.

if you do want more than one backdrop, great! just make sure the locations are close together so no one is racing the sun.

the great thing about city and nature shoots is that each presents tons of variety that don’t require hopping back in the car.

still stuck? ask your photographer for all the tips when it comes to choosing the best place for your engagement photo shoot.

i hope these tips on choosing your engagement photo location have been helpful. still need a wedding photographer? check me out at Sincerely Jules Studio.

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