3 tips for planning a formal exit at your wedding

September 29, 2020

bride and groom final exit from wedding at raccoon creek in littleton colorado

your wedding is over and all that hard work has paid off! now what? it’s time for your send off! you know…the part where everyone lines up to cheer for you as you head off for the first time as a married couple!

if you’re looking for all the tips for planning a formal exit at your wedding, then keep reading…

do your send-off after the ceremony

if you want a formal exit, start planning now! in my professional opinion, the best time to do this is right after the ceremony when all of your guests are right there and can easily be gathered to line up to wish you off (you can ride off in whatever transportation you have, circle around, and then come right back to the ceremony site to complete photos)!

i find that a lot of people tend to have left already when couples wait until the end of the reception for the formal exit, so sometimes couples end up having their exit shots with only a few people around, which isn’t as fun!

right as you walk out of the ceremony and are announced as husband and wife is an exciting moment, and it’s super easy to take advantage of everyone’s cheers and smiles!

get creative

the format exit makes for some amazing photos with lots of personality, so go all out!

outfit your guests with streamers, poppers, bubbles and ribbons to record the excitement as you leave. there are so many creative ways to do a send off, and the knot has tons of ideas that you may not have thought of before!

if you do end up doing your exit in between the ceremony and reception, steer clear of anything that could make a mess on your outfits. (that means no sparklers or glitter recommended!)

strike a pose

getting that perfect exit shot isn’t just about walking to your car––make it count!

stop halfway through the crowd for a dip and kiss. i also love when a groom carries the bride through the crowd #swoon

it’s also a fun time to get a group shot with all the guests.

whether you plan your exit the traditional way after the reception or you squeeze it in between the ceremony and photos, getting those official “send off” shots is a must for your wedding album.

i hope these formal exit tips have you excited for your own big day! if you’re looking for more content on wedding photography, check me out at Sincerely Jules Studio.

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