the best tips for styling an urban engagement session

August 11, 2020

sydney and wills spring engagement session in old town fort collins colorado

so you’ve booked an urban engagement session––congrats! shooting a lively city is fun for both couples and photographers and here’s why: there’s no end to style!

do you want a swanky backdrop or a vibrant artsy wall? no problem! perhaps you prefer a rustic or industrial alley ways? we can find oneeee!

the hardest part is most likely going to be deciding what to wear, but fear not! i’ve come up with some simple ideas that will have you feeling confident for your upcoming urban engagement session.

sydney and wills spring engagement session in old town fort collins colorado

wear what’s comfortable

first and foremost, i always want my clients to feel at ease in their clothes. when you’re uncomfortable, it shows!

does that mean you can’t dress up in a ballgown or pair of rocking heels if you want a fancy feel? no! just make sure that it’s something that makes you feel YOU.

do a try-on sesh before the big day so you can decide if you like the feel of a particular shirt or that skirt. comfort is key!

try something different

i almost ALWAYS recommend to my clients to go for something different and unique like hitting up a the brewery where you had your first date or heading to a pinball arcade for your shoot!!

photos walking down fun alley ways and on bridges is aways beautiful, but adding something unique to you as a couple can take your engagement photos from cute to incredibly special – having your session somewhere unique can make the time spent together with your photographer that much more fun too!

it makes getting to know each other easier and helps you have actual memories captured vs just posed shots!

sophie and brodys summer engagement session at kinkader brewing in lincoln nebraska

coordinate with your shoot style

since there are so many “feels” of an urban shoot, you’re going to want to pair your wardrobe with your setting.

if you’re going for a rustic or industrial feel, jeans and boots may have a better feel than heels and a dress.

doing a dreamy, dusky shoot in a twinkle-light part of town? a filmy dress for her and a casual dress shirt for him is just the ticket.

bring two outfits

with so many options in an urban setting, there’s no shortage of photo ops. so rather than commit fully to one style, bring enough outfits for a different vibe.

in addition to your little black dress and tie, pack a bag with a casual pair of jeans and top for a versatile option in a different environment.

engagement photos at old market downtown omaha, nebraskachelsey+tim summer engagement session at horsetooth reservoir in fort collins colorado

be as casual as you want to be

unlike more formal feeling settings, urban photoshoots allow for the most casual of outfits, s

o embrace it!

many couples like to wear torn jeans, informal dresses, and even band t-shirts, which easily show their true style and tastes. forego the heels for comfy tennis shoes, scuffed boots, or even sandals if you feel like it!

sophie and brodys summer engagement session in downtown lincoln nebraska

dress for the season

while it may seem like a no brainer, you don’t want to be sporting a tank top in the dead of winter in the city.

since urban shoots have an “edginess” to them, forego the traditional no-no of not wearing a coat and pop on that fitted leather coat or blazer.

is the weather on the warm side? pop on that cute hat! the fun part about city shoots is that they’re bursting with style, so don’t shy away from the accessories!

at the end of the day, an urban photoshoot is a great way to express your personality but also a nice departure from traditional settings like the beach. if you’re looking for something a little different for your engagement photos, the city may be the perfect fit.

lincoln nebraska spring blossoms couples engagement photos

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