what to consider for the “first look” at your wedding

August 25, 2020

bride and groom first look from anna and daniels wedding in omaha nebraska

you are planning a wedding and that means you are probably facing some decision fatigue. there are so many decisions that have to be made and some of them can be difficult…like the “first look.”

couples usually have a strong opinion about when their first looks will take place, so i’ve broken down the pros and cons of two scenarios to help make your decision easier!

option 1: first look | bride & groom photos taken before the wedding ceremony

more and more couples are opting for a first look and getting your couples photos taken before the ceremony can have many benefits!! (and my fav option for sure!)

  • pros:
    • the first time you see each other is private and shared just between you two (and your photographer with a quiet, ninja-like camera)
    • you both will look your freshest!
    • the nerves of seeing each other for the first time will be gone and then you can simply look forward to and enjoy your ceremony
    • it helps to ensure that there is enough time for the most important photos (the ones of you two!)
    • gives everyone extra time before and after the ceremony if you have lots of family and bridal party photos to take and you’ll be able to head to your reception quickly instead of having your guests wait for a longer period of time.
    • it is a great trial run of walking around and moving in your dress before you have to do it in front of everyone at your ceremony!
  • cons:
    • seeing each other before the ceremony goes against tradition
    • there is less time to get ready if your ceremony is earlier in the day!

option 2: no first look | any all couples photos after the wedding ceremony

you do not see each other before the ceremony and the first time you see each other is when you are walking down the aisle!

  • pros:
    • you get to keep up with tradition
    • if you want to have a cocktail hour for guests between the ceremony and reception, taking the bulk of your images after the ceremony will allow your guests to mingle and enjoy drinks while you’re getting your pictures taken.
    • there is more time before the ceremony to get ready and spend time with your bridal party
  • cons:
    • if the ceremony begins late, or family photos run longer than expected, then it’s always the bride and groom photo time that gets cut short.
    • the photo time after the ceremony will take longer so guests will have potentially an hour and a half to two-hours of break from when the ceremony ends to when the reception begins (this can be a pro or con depending on if you want to entertain your guests during this time or not!)

it’s up to you what you choose, but make sure you have thought through the pros and cons of both options so that you can feel really good about your decision!

tell me in the comments which one YOU will choose based on this list? i’d love to know!

with all this talk on wedding day tips, i have a question for you…have you picked your wedding photographer yet?!? before you do…make sure you read this post!

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