there is so much more to a wedding day than the perfect dress, flawless table settings, and posed images. i strive to capture the moments you have been dreaming about as well as every meaningful hidden gem from the day.

wedding photography is an                    


Here is where you can speak to the amazing experience that you provide your couples with! What can they expect from working with you? How do you serve them in a way that is unique and set apart from others in your industry? Bare your soul and share it all here!

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Rooted in timeless images, raw and authentic emotion, and a seriously good time.


your wedding is a special day, and all your hard work to plan and prep matters. i want you to have images that remind you of the evening spent with your soon to be mother-in-law while making flower cups for down the aisle. i want you to feel the joy from when you two ran out to a field for sunset photos hearing the dance floor opening up and running back to your favorite songs. to remember the joy when you ran up to a guest you are so excited to see on such a special day.

feeling those moments and then seeing those again through photos is my goal with my images. having a photographer that values not only your final images,, but also that we will be together the most on your wedding day and wants to be your biggest behind the scenes supporter. i want to make sure we are a match, a team ready to smile and laugh and feel every sweet moment. your wedding gallery should take you back to those very moments and choosing me as your photographer means  you will receive an experience and images from someone who truly loves every bit.

a note to couples

your legacy

my work is

i want you to not only receive stunning images but also a tangible legacy of your special day. each wedding is an opportunity for me to create a visual masterpiece that goes beyond the limits of time. through my images.

my work is

i want to look back on your wedding photos and have the feelings of that day come rushing back. i dream to capture the planned and honest, the big moments and the ones in between, creating a story that is uniquely yours.


my work is

i recognize that true love is not flawless but rather a collection of genuine, raw, and unfiltered moments. from stolen glances to the spontaneous laughter and even the happy tears. i try to immortalize these imperfections, turning them into cherished memories.


we could

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mandy  and Nick

Jules took the time from day one to truly know me and my husband. She was able to capture our true selves in such a dreamy and magical way.