How to make sure my photo sessions always go smoothly as a photographer

here are 4 things i do to make sure my photo sessions always go smoothly, let’s jump right in!


i strive to educate my couples BEFORE the session with guides, helpful tips, or even just info and details on the location and plan before hand. i hope to make my couples feel at ease from the beginning, answer any questions they have (especially before they even have them) and prove that i am the professional at that i do! it helps everyone feel comfortable and confident walking into a session!


choose locations and timing (and only offer these locations and timing) that fit my style and my clients vision. i lead them to the best locations for their session with inspiration photos and galleries, explain what the places look (and even feel!) like, and educate my clients on how places will look. if clients want something different than what i recommend i share with them how that will change their photos and why i typically choose what i do!


i prepare for the session, too! as a photographer, being ready for all the things is necessary!! i have a little kit in my camera bag with a little mirror, some band aids, gum, a tide to-go stick, hairspray, etc!! a little outfit mishap or some hairs out of place can become an annoyance not just for your clients, but for you in editing!


i plan my sessions specific to my client and location. every time! i spend the time researching locations, visiting and scoping out paths and outlooks, zooming in on google maps to see the view to expect, become a weather woman, and put all the effort into making sure my client and i are prepared for everything we will come across as much as possible!

if you are a photographer looking to create a better experience for your clients before your next session, try something i do!! and of course, every client and every photo session is different, i adjust and create an experience special to every couple and you should too!!