what to think about when choosing your wedding photographer

congrats!!! if you’re looking up how to choose a wedding photographer, it means you are in the wedding planning process and that means a big “CONGRATS” is in order!

the day you say “yes” to a proposal is obviously the most important day of the wedding process (because there wouldn’t be a wedding otherwise ha!) but next to that day, choosing your wedding photographer is one of the most important parts of the wedding planning process. there are many things that go into finding the photographer of your dreams, so it’s easy to go from excited to overwhelmed overnight.

i want to keep that excitement going by taking away some of the overwhelm, so keep reading for the tips you need when it comes to choosing a wedding photographer!

as a photographer who’s been in the business for years, i’ve met with plenty of couples, all with varying styles, budgets and locations, so i’ve learned a few things…

before you start browsing your local photographers, it’s important to nail down your must-have’s for your big day so you know what to share with the photographers during the consultations, so these are some of my tips for how to choose your wedding photographer:

know your style

wedding photography has continued to evolve over the years, but photographers each bring their unique personality and style. it’s important to know what you want your images to look like before selecting the best photographer for your wedding, so you need to know your preferred style.

do you prefer light and airy shots? or are you looking for a more moody and darker feel? perhaps you fall somewhere in the middle––great! take time looking at other wedding photos to determine your style (instagram is a great place to see portfolios by simply scrolling through the feeds of the photographers on your list).

know that it’s ok to bring images to your photographer meetup to have a visual for your preferred style. the more your prospective photographer knows what you’re looking for, the better they can meet your needs, or send you to a colleague who may be a better fit.

stick to the budget

let’s be honest, weddings are expensive. some things will cost less than you anticipated and some will cost more. photography usually takes up a large chunk of any couple’s budget — with good reason. i mean…let’s face it…your wedding photos last forever!

so while it’s important to have a realistic budget that doesn’t eat up your entire savings, photography can be worth its weight in gold. if you find the perfect photographer, will your budget allow for it? what are you willing to give up to get the photos of your dreams?

location, location, location!

while many photographers are located solely where they reside, plenty are more than happy to travel––but it doesn’t come free. 

if you are planning an out of state or destination wedding, the travel convo needs to come up fast when you meet with potential photographers.

once you’ve got that out of the way, be sure to include questions about travel fees such as airfare, food, and lodging so that you are both on the same page and you can make sure that your location does fit in the budget.

stay organized

as you begin your journey to finding the perfect photographer for your wedding, staying organized will get you far! as you start contacting prospects, it’s a smart idea to start a spreadsheet to keep track of essential info.

be sure to add names, contact info, pricing, travel fees and any other items they include (such as engagement sessions, additional editing fees, and framing).

while selecting a wedding photographer is just one piece of your upcoming wedding, it’s also one of the most important! if you’re feeling like you don’t know where to start, i’d love to help! my experience over the years has allowed me to connect with many photographers, and i’m happy to share the ins and outs of finding the perfect photographer for your wedding. your big day deserves to be captured perfectly!

make sure you CONNECT with them!

this one might be the MOST important. you are going to be spending almost your entire day with this person. from getting ready to the dance floor, your photographer will be there! i think i say several times a wedding day “go ahead! i’m right behind ya!” because i honestly chase down my couples all dayyyyy long!! making sure to capture the day the way they see it! if you see their images and connect to them for one reason or another, hear their words and say “wow i can totally vibe with this person”, or just feel totally comfortable from talking on the phone or chatting – thats who you should go with!! finding a photographer who truly cares about YOU and serving you in all the best ways is so crucial. make sure to not only connect with them, but feel important to them. don’t just go with the one who has thousands of followers or boasts about all their clients. you are important in this equation and have every bit of reason to absolutely love your photographer, i promise you will love the photos from someone you connect with so much more than a perfectly posed insta photo!

once you’ve sealed the deal on your photographer, head over to my post on how to prep for your engagement session!

i would LOVE to photograph your big day! if you totally love my style, and think i would be fit for you, head over to my photography website to check out my portfolio and let’s set up a call to chat here!