Tips to Get Ready for your Engagement Session

Learn the best tips for getting ready for your engagement session!

You’re engaged!!––ahhh congratulations! Now it’s time to start thinking of the celebratory engagement photos you want to take to share the happy news with family and friends, and I have the tips to help you prepare for your engagement session! I’ll help you with what to wear, where to choose for your location, and some tips on how to choose props to bring along!

Taking engagement photos is the first of many photos you’ll take throughout your wedding process, from trying on dresses and first-look shots, to the vows and first dance. 

If you’re wondering where to get started, then keep reading for tips to plan your engagement session. as a wedding photographer, I’ve outlined the basics on how to get ready for your engagement photos.

How to pick outfits

engagement photos should first and foremost show you and your fiance’s unique personality, which often comes through with your own style. after you’ve decided on casual versus formal photos, dressing the part should come naturally (and be FUN!)

while many couples get new clothes for the photoshoot, it’s important that the clothes are comfortable enough to move around in and pose naturally. after all, you’ll likely be doing a lot of styled standing and potential new poses! don’t let a new, pinchy pair of shoes put you in pain that could show through on your photos. try on the outfits beforehand so that you know how they feel.

you’ll also want to dress for your location and weather. stiletto heels are a recipe for disaster if your shoot is in the middle of a field. likewise, a heavy coat on a warm day is bound to make you hot (and you don’t want a shiny forehead in your pictures ha!)


coordinated looks, not matchy-matchy, are perfect for photos. fabrics with lots of texture like lace and tulle can add a beautiful element to your photos without being overdone. try and avoid large prints and stay away from logos. if you’d like to have wardrobe changes, make sure that each outfit works with your partner’s. you can also avoid a complete outfit change by wearing layers!

Where to do your engagement photos

when it comes to picking a location to shoot your engagement photos, there are several options. 

first, you can make it a destination photoshoot! a new and exciting place (like an urban locale) can bring just the right amount of energy to your photos. there are so many fun options for places to go. tell your photographer what kinda vibe you’re going for, and he/she should have some great suggestions!

another option is to use a super sentimental place as the backdrop for your pics. you can use the place you met, got engaged, or even your home for lifestyle shoots! (if you’re someone who isn’t comfortable with people watching you, home is a great option).

want an outdoor option? great! but be sure you double-check if any permits are needed (such as regional parks) and keep in mind that places like the beach often have tourists––so timing is everything.

get ready for your engagement session

my final piece of advice when it comes to choosing a location is to visit the location several times before the photo day. you may be surprised that a beautiful field has been cut, that last storm has flooded the area, or the lighting is just terrible. it’s better to figure that out sooner than later so you don’t end up wasting your time trying to find a new location at the last minute.

Should you include props? 

many people wonder if adding props is cheesy, and my recommendation is to go with your gut. if you have a beloved pet that is a part of your family, bring Max along!

get ready for your engagement session

did you meet at a sporting event or share a love of sports that can’t be denied? it’s ok to wear a jersey if it represents an important part of your relationship.

Engagement photos are about displaying the love and connection that you as a couple has and that doesn’t always mean a serious photo. These engagement session tips will help you plan the best photo session possible!

Engagement photos are the first of many photos to come and so my last piece of advice to you is to enjoy it from the start, don’t take yourselves too seriously, and have fun!

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